You Gain Peace of Mind With Integrated Medical Services

Whether your clinic needs only accurate charge capture and submission, or complete revenue management, we have the flexibility to serve you.

Integrated Medical Services has been in business since 1997 and we pride ourselves in consistent and reliable claims-to-dollars production and high claims resolutions.

Our focus on industry changes and continuing technology upgrades have provided us the ability to create a comprehensive offering of services, backed by a team of experienced and reliable professionals.

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…You gain Improved cash flow and management of your accounts receivable

…You gain Reliable financial checks and balances

…You gain Reductions in expenses related to in-house staff and a Reduction in hiring and training costs due to high staff turnover

…You gain Consistent A/R reviews, reimbursement trend reviews and financial performance reports providing insight into the financial health of your practice

…You gain Reduced chances of unbilled claims due to lost encounter slips

…You gain Qualified billing experts in charge of your billing that won’t breaking the bank

…You gain More time with your patients versus getting bogged down by administrative and financial management tasks

…You gain Experts in practice management processes and workflow knowledge

…You gain Commitments to customer and patient satisfaction

…You gain Knowledgeable experts in tune with industry policy and regulatory changes

…You gain a Trusted business advantage, not just a medical billing company